Friday, August 24, 2012

6 Things (A Weight Loss Edition)

Because I am pressed for time...and I do so wish to post something today....I am going to write 6 things. Probably. And I am going to talk about my weight loss. Mostly.

1. I have been kinda puny this week. I blame it on the mold that is growing outside. It makes me snotty. Which in turn makes me kinda queasy. And it all makes me really sleepy. Then I get really whiney. Stinkin' mold.

2. So I'm doing this whole weight loss thing. And I posted earlier in the week that I have hit somewhat of a plateau. I think the biggest challenge is mental. My inner skinny girl wants to panic. AHHH! "This fluffy chick is never going to let me out of here!" It's easy to get discouraged when you don't see immediate results. And I am all about instant gratification. So this has been a great lesson in perseverance and discipline for me. Wednesday all I wanted to do was feed my discouragement (and my snotty head) with a plate of cheesy fries from Steak and Shake (which I didn't). Yesterday was a much better day. I have found I can't pay so much attention to every whim or mood. 'Cause like every self-respecting perimenopausal woman I have many (whims and moods).

3. One of my favorite things about my weight loss journey right now is being able to experiment with food. I love to cook. I am not afraid of healthy cooking. Last night I made a light Chicken Milanese (baked, of course), spaghetti squash with pesto and sun-dried tomatoes (I made a light version of pesto with walnuts and Kale) and then some braised kale. Yummy! I was pretty proud of myself. When The Studly Muffin came home for supper, I kept asking him, "Isn't this good? Isn't this really good?" Bless his heart. He is an appreciative audience. He made all the appropriate noises and comments. Privately, he's probably thinking.."Man! Will I ever have fried chicken again?"

4. Speaking of sun-dried tomatoes. And we were, of course. I have a confession. I am a sun-dried tomato thief. My poor dad has spent the past several weeks drying tomatoes from their garden. It is a long and tedious process. He even dried all of those little cherry ones. It involves slicing. Babysitting the dehydrator....And I took half a bag when I was there last weekend. I hope he didn't count his bags. Or his tomatoes. But they are so good! You can eat them right out of the chips. I probably should confess my theft. I hope he doesn't want them back. :<)

5. I've found the perfect solution to my "can't get out/won't get out/don't want to get out of the house today to exercise" problems. This is for when I need to have something structured, but I literally don't want to leave my chair. has streaming exercise videos...and a few of them are for Chair Exercising! How smart is that!! I have been enjoying one that works the Core. And here's my thought. Wouldn't it be great if somehow we found a way to do a whole series of videos on other tasks that aren't so pleasant...right from the chair! "Chair Dishwashing." Wait, I've done that. Not that big of deal. "Chair Laundry." Hmm. Would be kind of hard to get down to the downstairs laundry room from my chair. I have to think on that one. Oh well. Anyway. I'm pretty excited about these videos. Because when it's all said and done, No matter how much weight I lose I will still always have 23 metal screws, rods and pins in my lower half.

6. So I've decided when I reach a big bench mark of weight loss (50 pounds) I am going to do something special. I obviously don't want to make it a food thing (like treat myself to a big plate of cheesy fries from Steak and Shake). I've thought about getting my hair done, but I'm thinking that this poor hair is going to need attention long before I reach the 50 pounds lost mark. I'm starting to look like a blond skunk. And I really don't need to buy clothes...after all...I will have more to loose. I'm thinking a mani and pedi. And shoes. Or a purse. Or maybe a mani and a pedi and shoes and a purse.

Blessings, Rebekah


  1. Mani/pedi and shoes (sandals that show off the pedi) and a purse that matches everything. Yes. Yes. You go girl.

  2. I love how you think. I plan on presenting this idea to my husband :<)


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