Monday, August 20, 2012

The Hatchet Hunt

So I mentioned briefly in my post this morning about trying to find a copy of the book, Hatchet (by Gary Paulson), for our Homeschool.

I also mentioned I have probably have at least 2 copies floating around in my immediate universe (still haven't found them). I got one last week at a bookstore, but I must have another one. You can't expect multiple children (2) to share one book. And I certainly am not passing my Kindle around. Unless they are sitting beside me. And I can turn the "page."

After our morning grocery store run (which I called "math & home economics"), Josiah and I headed to a few Thrift Stores to hunt down an additional (and cheap) copy of Hatchet. After all, I know of at least 2 Thrift Stores in the within hollering distance of each other that only charge .27 for paperbacks. Why .27? I don't know. It would seem easier to just charge .25. Unless they are just trying to relieve you of your pennies.

Anyhoo. No luck. The 2 Thrift Stores didn't have it. But I did purchase copies of Treasure Island, The Indian in the Cupboard (which has always been a bit disturbing to me) and an old book by one of my favorite authors, Elizabeth Goudge (she is an absolute treasure). Now I have Treasure Island...and I have The Indian in the Cupboard. But one of these days I might need 2 copies.

I visited a couple of used book stores (where Josiah and I argued about the literary value of a Junior Spiderman Novel) then BINGO! Found me a copy. For $2. Not .27, but I didn't have to pay full price. That is the point. Sure. I wasted gas and time I could have spent doing laundry and memorizing the states and their capitals (not me, Josiah). But it's the hunt, my friends!

Shew. The great hunt alone should have burned a few 1,000 calories today.

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