Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Cousin Camp Day 2 - It's All About the Jelly

I'm posting a bit earlier than I did last night. I think my nap earlier today helped.

I have pictures today! I also have pictures from yesterday, but I will share those another time. I can't do it all at once. I get confused. More often than I care to admit.

So I'd thought I'd share a few pics and a few thoughts. Then I have plans with my Kindle.

Today in Cooking School we made jelly.

It takes a confident parent to show you pictures of said parent's son picking his nose during the jelly making process. I promise I didn't know he was doing it when I shot the pic. We'll just pretend the whole thing was super hygienic. 

We had two pots going at once. Yes. Those are adult bibs. I had begun the process of making everyone the most darling aprons just for Cousin Camp. I ran out of time. Thankfully, Mom works at a Nursing Home. Someone donated these for "the cause." We call them "clothes protectors." 

Here at Cousin Camp we pride ourselves in teaching young people all manner of interesting and helpful skills. Such as, jelly making.

And how to smack our cheeks. I promised this little girl's mother that I would use a brush. Baby Sister, I promise I did. This one even had a ponytail in her hair. It was gone before lunch.

We also made our Cousin Camp T-shirts today. We used a technique called Print Making.

And practiced our funny faces.

Just a little advice. If someone with paint all over his or her hand happens to wave it in front of  your face just step away.

It's the little things that one learns at Cousin Camp.

After supper, we all headed outside to make our "tent city" and lounge about in the grass.

Hillbillies have recycled for years. You can't go past too many places out in the sticks and not see a "plethora"  of interesting (and sometimes undefinable) items that one might need for something. At least someday. Say, for example, these cattle apparatuses. I'm not sure what they were originally intended for, but thank goodness Dad never throws anything away. They are now the frames for our outdoor dwellings.

The gang gathered to make it happen. Josiah and I contributed a little Pirate Play Tent I found in Indiana at a Flea Market.

 Those with engineering inclinations tackled the "apparatus."

Some of us found other uses for the Pirate Play Tent. It was a popular superhero cape.

 I sure hope they made a way out.

How many cousins can you fit in a pirate play tent?

There is always room for one more.

We roasted Banana Boats over the open fire. 

And stuck a few more cousins in the Pirate Play Tent.

Nothing like Banana Boats and Cousins under the open sky.

 The stickier you get the better. I promise.

Tag at dusk? Yes, please!

And we ended the day with a rousing game of Life.  Good times.

Josiah and Cousin Chris wanted to break in the "Cattle Apparatus" tent tonight. They headed out with sleeping bags and a lantern. I'm not a betting girl, but there is a good chance that they will make it only as long as the batteries in the lantern last. We left the back door unlocked just in case.

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