Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cousin Camp Day 3: Wild Coyotes

It's Day Three of Cousin Camp.  I'm stretched out on the bed. I feel like I've been knocked in the head.

The Cousins are all braving the Great Outdoors tonight. They've decided that sleeping outside must not be so bad. Josiah and Cousin Chris survived. Josiah came rushing into my room this morning talking a mile a minute. He had a blast. They even heard coyotes. Oh the Adventure! I believe I'll stay inside.

I am going to show you a ridiculous number of pictures. I just couldn't decide which ones to share. There were so many great ones. So if you aren't related to these children I apologize in advance. I just couldn't help myself.

We made Hobo Dinners (Tin Foil Dinners) today in Cooking School. Here I am explaining the finer points. Somebody get that girl a little powder!I'm sure I am talking about the wonders of adding bacon (to anything).

Ignore my freaky hand. I apparently was moving at the Speed of Light. Payge is sprinkling on a little Farm Dust. I got it at an Amish store during our trip to Indiana. Yummo! It has a little bit of everything in it.

Maddy took the Hobo Dinner to the Artistic Level. We did have to tell her she need to bring it all together. She had quite the design going.

Another activity of the day was Panning For Jewels. Our friend, Gabriel, donated gemstones. Topaz, Emeralds, Amethyst and a few more. Mom tossed some glass beads and few other curiosities  in a kiddy pool filled with sand. Everyone had a variety of sifting tools.

I can't tell if she's holding her jewel up to the light or asking for another opinion. She looks pretty spiffy in her get up.

It was a hot one for our Miners!

 And apparently a dust storm or a hold up was in progress.  Take your pick.

Pretty cool! They got to keep their treasures and were rewarded points for each item of treasure found. We found out that the Girls won the day. Josiah and Kalynn were individual winners. Maybe I can utilize Josiah's sifting skills for other projects. Any suggestions?

After a hot day at the Dig it was time for a little Water Fun. We like to call our Water Day"The RedNeck Water Park."  Our first game was the sponge race. Boys competed against the girls. Who ever filled their tin can with water (using a sponge) the fastest was the winner. The next few pictures need no commentary. The pictures speak for themselves. These Cousins are competitive!

After a few exciting games of Sponge, we filled up the water bottles and had a Spray Bottle battle to the death!

It takes great skill to manage the Spray Bottle.

And watch out if you are one of the tall ones. You are a perfect target.

Ganging  up! 

 Just Ruthless! I had to threat penalty of an early bedtime if they even got close to me. I had the camera.

This one decided she was safer a little closer to me.

It didn't stop her from laughing at everybody else. Droopy Drawers and all.

Just aim and shoot. No need to even see who you're hitting.

Payge finally decided that her Spray Bottle might come in handy. She's doing her bit for Tree Conservation.

She finally moved on to moving targets. We are training Mercenaries here, I'm telling you!

Kalynn's got skills. Behind the back!

Uh oh! The sponges came back out!

Run, Forrest, Run! Boy should have at least worn some shorts.

It's serious now. Kalynn has brought out the bucket.

 I had to make the kids come in to do their next project. They took their jewels and made pieces of jewelry.

I need to get pictures of the finished products. They are pretty great (thanks to Ama). But I did get a picture of this cute face. I think I'll keep him.

I got this picture through the kitchen door. Papa took to a break from Farm Chores to do a little Treasure Hunting of his own. He used the metal detector and went digging.

After our jewelry making, we sat out by the campfire and cooked our Hobo Dinners.

And ate cake. Kalynn and Chris turned 16 a couple of weeks ago. I had a bit of an issue with the frosting. Most of it wound up in my mouth and on my shirt. Somebody took a picture of me with red teeth. You'll never see it. I'm just saying.

Maybe that's why I feel like somebody knocked me in the head. I ingested enough sugar while making the cakes to put me out for days.

Maddy's birthday is in a few days. She'll be 9. She told me she wants a mustache themed birthday. I'm wondering if she's expecting to grow one or what.

Anyhoo. After cake the Cousins did a little running about the Property. 

And settled into the Cattle Tent Apparatuses for the night. 

One can't use enough bug spray in the country. Especially if you are getting ready to sleep outside.

Not that I call this roughing it. A DVD player? Please.

This Just In: While I was writing this post, 3 of the little girls came running in. They were hysterical. They were sure the Coyotes were at least a mile away and were going to get them. I'm guessing they heard coyotes, but they would not be convinced that BBD (Big Black Dog) Solomon (who also moonlights as a Rottweiler) would keep everybody safe. They are now safe and sound on the Futon. The rest of the Cousins are braving the Great Outdoors. Coyotes and All. 

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