Monday, June 17, 2013

Josiah's Favorite Reads

So here at our house, it’s officially summer. I have a new supply of flip flops (thanks to my sis-in-law), I’ve brought out the “after burn cream,” and there are enough frozen Popsicles to carry us into July (hopefully).  

We’ve also signed up for our favorite summer reading programs. I even signed myself up for the grown-up reading program at the library. One year I won some office supplies for participating. A homeschooler’s dream! Reading Program + Office Supplies = One Happy Girl.  

For some of us, making a reading list for the summer is one of the season’s rituals. This summer I want to read through (in order) one of my favorite mystery writer’s novels. I also realize the importance of keeping Josiah reading…even when the day cries out for nothing but a good splash in the Y pool. He is dyslexic, for one (we have to keep the reading train a ‘moving!). We utilize read alouds a lot. I think reading aloud encourages good family time. We can discuss what we read. I can assist if I need to when he is reading to me.

I recommend letting boys read things they are interested in. Killer Ants might not be what I want to read about, but Josiah was all about it.

 One of Josiah’s favorite parts of the day is when I read to him before bedtime. Yes. He is 11 and I plan on reading to him until he has grandchildren of his own. He has been able to enjoy books far beyond his reading capabilities. I have been able to share some of my favorites. 

We use Graphic Novels and Audio Books for the car and home. We just finished Number the Stars by Lois Lawry just by simply listening to it in the car. Those were some quiet car rides! 

I wanted to give you a list of Josiah’s favorite books. These range in ages and skill level. I know as a MOAB (Mother of a Boy) that finding reading material that spark a fella’s interest can be challenging.  Maybe there are a few on this list that your boys will like to add to their own summer reading list. 

Josiah has learned to ask the Librarian for assistance. You can ask him or her for recommendations as well. Find out what other boys are reading.

The Hardy Boys Series by Franklin W. Dixon
Josiah is fascinated with these books. He just reserved several at the library. They also have easy to follow graphic novels. Hardy Boys #18 is one of his favorites. 

Hank the Cow Dog Series by John R. Erickson
These are Hys.Ter.Ical!. We have been enjoying The Case of the Deadly Ha-Ha Game in the car. It’s a laugh a minute. 

The Mouse and the Motorcycle (and others) by Beverly Cleary
We went through the whole series last summer. Josiah was ready to adopt a mouse. I said no. 

Encyclopedia Brown Series by Donald J. Sobol
These are some Josiah can enjoy on his own. He loves mysteries. He has wondered, however, about the questionable name of Bugs Meany. “Well, that’s obvious.” 

One of my favorites. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is next. It is a bit darker, but I think Josiah is ready for it. 

This is the original answer to “what can I do now”? It’s an oldie (it was printed in 1882)…No TV allowed!

My favorite ever. Try reading the Horse and His Boy. It is delightful. 

This was one of our summer reads a few years ago. We love Roald Dahl. 

Holes by Louis Sachar
Crime. Punishment. Redemption. It’s a great book. 

Be ready with the tissues. 

Have I mentioned how much we love Roald Dahl? 

This book is on our list for this summer. My mom called me one morning on her way to work. I was asleep so I hope I remember the conversation right. She had just downloaded this free book (out of print) onto her Kindle. It was wonderful (she told me) and thought Josiah would enjoy it. It’s now downloaded on my Kindle and ready for us to read. 

The Hobbit by J.R. Tolkien
This is one of my favorite books growing up. We have started to read it several times. I think this summer will be a good one to enjoy The Hobbit. 

Don't poo-poo the Graphic Novel or Comic Book. They might not be High Brow, but they contain manageable bits of reading material for any reader.

Here are some books that I have on my radar for the future. 

Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card
The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas
Lord of the Rings Trilogy by J.R. Tolkien 

 I hope I’ve given you a few ideas for summer reads. Most of the links I gave you are for paperback books on Amazon. There are always Kindle options or my favorite “The Thrift Store.” Most of these I picked up for our own bookshelf for less than $1.

Happy Reading!!

I'm linking to the TOS Review Crew's Blog Hop! Go take a look at see what other boys are reading for the summer. 



  1. If you like the Count of Monte Cristo, look up all of Dumas' other books. All of them are spectacular.

    Also, some other books he might like, if he likes the Count, are the ones by Jules Verne. You know, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Around the World In 80 Days, Five Weeks in a Balloon, etc.

    Great list. I am going to have my Josiah try the Hank the Cow Dog series. :)

  2. Oh we love the Hank the Cow Dog series!

    And your list is impressive; it gave my kids some ideas. :-)

  3. You have really given me some great books to look into. My girls are still young, but I have a lovely pinterest board where I am saving all these great lists for future reference. Some of those books I would love to read, but my TBR list is huge right now.
    Thanks for stopping by and sharing on Throwback Thursday. I hope to see you back this week.


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