Saturday, June 22, 2013


Hello from the Hoosier State! The Studly Muffin, Josiah and I have been visiting The Muffin's folks. I'm presently curled up in the rocker. I'm stuffed with sushi and Crab Rangoon watching a movie on the Hallmark Channel with my Mom-in-law. The Muffin is snoozing in his chair.  Tomorrow we are packing up the little white Ford and heading back to Missouri. And then next week Josiah and I will be at Cousin Camp. My goal is to blog everyday from Cousin Camp. We'll see how it goes. I suppose it depends on if I have any functioning brain cells after the end of the day.

In the meantime, I want to show you a few highlights from a trip we took up to Shipshewana in Northern Indiana, "The Heart of Northern Indiana Amish Country." It is a nice little town with shops and plenty of local Amish character.

The Amish have always fascinated me. I am sure some of my romantic notions are from my reading of Beverly Lewis novels and the like. Just a warning. There are a quite a few pictures. I got a bit camera happy. We have Amish communities in Missouri, but they are not as large.

I took a lot of "drive by photos." I loved how picturesque the farms were.

Josiah posed in front of this small little building in downtown Shipshewana. He was sure it was an outhouse.

I tried to be as discreet as I could. I didn't want to intrude on anyone's privacy. This young woman was just lovely and drove the buggy with ease.

 Buggies, Buggies everywhere!

We took a tour of the Menno-Hof. It is museum that explains the Amish/Mennonite culture and history. It did a wonderful job of explaining the Anabaptist faith and encouraging other Christians in their walk.   Here we are starting off with a tour. Josiah is sitting with Grandma. I did ask if I could take pictures.

This was a recreation of a dungeon. Many early Anabaptist suffered persecution for their beliefs.

This map lite up. It was very interesting. 

 A replica of a ship that carried many Anabaptists to America to find Religious Freedom.

Little wooden shoes. Can you imagine wearing these?

Josiah stretches out on one of the bunks in the ship. I can't even imagine traveling in those conditions. I get whiney when I have to travel across town on a hot day without my air conditioning.

An old-fashioned printing press. PaPa is in the background.

At Menno-Hof there was a room that was set up like a modern day Amish house. It was neat and tidy and very efficient. I need to take note

This was my supper. This was some of the best fried chicken I have ever eaten. And folks, I've lived in the south. Nothing beats this.

A faraway shot of an Amish farm.

 I know. I took a picture of somebody's wash on the line. If I didn't live downtown and have no access to a clothesline I might be inspired to hang out my own wash.

That's a big if.

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