Thursday, August 13, 2015

Seeling is Believing! Links and Tips for Some Pretty Awesome Lapbooks, Notebooks and Printables

It’s Day 4 of the Back to Homeschool Blog Hop!

Are you a fan of notebooking and lapbooks?

I hear ya!

I wuv them both.

Lapbooks provided a much needed hands-on experience for Josiah when he was struggling to read and write.

Notebooking (along with the practices of Charlotte Mason) have provided to be an invaluable tool as he grows in his abilities, interests and maturity.

Today I want to share with you my favorite sites and resources for lapbooking and notebooks (plus a few other fun sites). This is not an exhaustive list. It would just be too “exhausting’ to list them all. ;<)

I also want to give you a tips on how I’ve managed both successfully in our home with a child who is dyslexic and dysgraphic.

Fortunately for a lot of us, there are plenty of creative people out there who love creating these types of products. I do like creating my own products (I’m really picky), but I have also discovered there is no need to reinvent the wheel.

I can save time when I find one already lovingly created that fits my needs.

Makes more time for other things. Like laundry. And Doctor Who marathons.

For a Humongous list of FREE lapbooks check out this post from Free Homeschool Deals. It will undoubtedly include some from a few of the sites I've listed below. They have separated them into handy subjects for you. 

Hands of a Child ($) – Excellent quality here! They always have a $5 lapbook and a free one available on the website.

A Journey Through Learning ($) also provides excellent lapbooks. Their backstory is so inspiring. I also have a few freebies I’ve gotten through the years.

Every product that comes from Home School in the Woods  ($) is excellent. The graphics are professional and the activities are just plain inspired. I have used several of their products.

Homeschool Share has to be my most used site through the years. For one…it’s FREE! I can’t even imagine the kind of time and attention put into all of their products. I really love using their literature studies. 

Lapbook Lessons was the very first place I went to find Lapbooking inspiration years ago. There is are lots of beautiful (and FREE) lapbooks available.

Homeschool Helper Online- They have a good selection of FREE lapbooks.

The Notebooking Fairy – She is the guru of notebooking. I always find inspiration there.

Notebooking Pages ($)  – She has an enormous collection of pages available. They are very reasonable. Plus, there are a bunch that are FREE.

Notebooking Nook – I believe she has started a membership service. There are FREE pages as well.

Teachers Pay Teachers ($) – I use this site all the time. Almost every seller as some sort of free sample product to try. I have even purchased (or found free) clipart, borders… It’s just a treasure trove of goodies.

Teaching Notebook  ($)  - This is another site like Teachers Pay Teachers. 

Currclick ($) – The Big Momma of homeschool resources. I have used this resource for years. There is always something free. A few times a year they have “hide and seek’ sales. They will hide a product within their pages. I have gotten excellent lapbooks, etc. this way. I also like that my ‘library’ with currclick is always available to me.

Dynamic2Moms – They have some beautiful lapbooks and studies available! I believe Tina has started another page. I am not sure if she has created more products since, but the link is available.

Carl’s Corner – This is basically a language arts and reading site. She is a retired school teacher who has graciously shared all of her wisdom with all of us. I used many of her readers and nursery rhyme studies when Josiah was little.

So there are the sites I’ve used the most. Now I want to give you just a few ideas.

~ Instead of using up my printer ink, I will often get my bigger products printed at a local copy shop in town. They have .5 copies! I don’t bother with the colored ink.

~ I will purchase scrapbook paper and stickers when they are on sale at Hobby Lobby to decorate our projects. Josiah is not much of a decorator or doodler. Stickers suit him just fine.

~ I will always make my own copy of whatever we are doing. I have found that Josiah needs “modeling.” He has to see what is expected of him.

~ I primarily stuck mostly with lapbooks when Josiah was younger. He has dysgraphia and all the writing was hard for him. Lapbooks are straight to the point. They weren’t as laborious.

~ We keep all of our completed pieces in ziplock baggies before assembling lapbooks.

~ I take turns reading with Josiah. I used to read most of his material for him (except for reading instruction). He now has graduated up to sharing the task. 

~ It took several years for him to be able to "do" copywork. He had the hardest time transferring something he saw to the paper. I would create (or find) scripture or quotes or words that he could trace as part of his copywork. He now can copy something from the whiteboard or from my paper. 

~ Be patient. Some of our kiddos need more time to cook.

Don’t forget to check out my own collection of free printables.

Do you have any favorite resources or tips?

This post is part of the Back To School Blog Hop from my friends at  the Schoolhouse Review Crew and Homeschool Blogging Connection. Be sure to check my landing page out for their links...I know you will blessed! 

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