Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Popcorn and a Movie? Worthwhile Documentaries, Vidoes and Movies for the Homeschooling Family (Back to Homeschool Blog Hop)

Hiyah! Welcome back to the Back to School Blog Hop. I hope you are having a fantabulous week.

For this (my 3rd) post, I want to share some of our favorite Documentaries, Videos and a few favorite Movies...because I can. 

I love using movies and documentaries in our homeschool. Often, I will introduce a subject with a documentary. If we are reading a book that has been turned into a movie we will end our study with a viewing of the movie (complete with hot, buttered popcorn). 

Please keep in mind that none of the links I am going to provide you with are affiliate links. I am just providing them for you so you will be able check out all the pertinent information for yourself. I also didn't include any of the PBS Children's programming that has filled Josiah's childhood (or for that matter...mine). Old school Electric Company, anyone? Reading Rainbow?

Some of them are quite reasonably priced. Some of them are not. I would check the library for any that tickles your fancy . 

I apologize in advance for posting so many. Once I got going I could hardly stop. I couldn't help myself!

An American Homestead - This site is really interesting. This is a family who is homesteading in my neck of the woods. The Ozarks! If you are tempted to live off the grid you might go take a look. The laundry practices were enough to make me thankful for my basement laundry. However, I grew up a country girl with parents who have always tried to be self-sustaining. Been there done some of that. 

Julia Child: The French Chef - Julia Child does it best. I have provided you a link for a playlist of the series on youtube. Julia Child was not as flashy as her modern day counterparts. But she certainly was a character...and she knew her stuff. 

Mark Twain’s Pudd‘N Head Wilson  - This production based on Mark Twain's novel, published 1894, is not as well known as say the novels about Tom and Huck. However, this story is fascinating. It's a mystery! It's a commentary on social issues! It's pretty great. The link I provided is for Amazon. I believe both Target and Walmart have it in stock. 

All Creatures Great and Small - Anybody else remember watching this series with fondness? It is based on James Herriot's novels. They follow the career of a country veterinarian in the England of the 1930's through the 50's. They are just lovely.  

Monumental - I didn't link this one anywhere. I apologize for that. It can found on Netflix right now. In this film, Kirk Cameron visits historical sites in the US and Europe. You will be inspired! 

The Miracle Worker - This is the story of Helen Keller. She was robbed of her sight and hearing when she was very young. Her teacher,Anne Sullivan, opens a whole new world for her! This is a youtube link. 

The Hiding Place - I mentioned this one in my audio book favorites.  I linked to the first part on youtube. You can follow it from there.

God’s Not Dead - My son requested this great movie on DVD last year for his birthday.It has become one of our favorites.

One Night With the King - A beautiful retelling of the story of Esther. 

Liberty Kids -  While it's based on fictional characters, this cartoon series based on early American history has been another favorite. 

Ken Burns: The War - This is an excellent documentary on World War II. Be aware that there are certain portions that are graphic. That is the nature of war. Ken Burns does a great documentary. Ken Burns: The Dust Bowl was terrific. It is currently on Netflix. 

Ballerina - If you have any aspiring ballerinas in your house this will be a hit. It features five Russian Ballerina's from the Mariinksy Theatre and Vaganova Ballet Academy. It is currently on Netflix. 

Beyond the Gates of Splendor - This documentary tells the story of the American missionaries were killed in Ecaudor in the 1950's.  It is simply beautiful and inspiring.

Wild China - A gorgeous documentary steaming on Netflix right now. 

Life of Mammals: David Attenborough (Netflix) - For all those nature lovers. 

David Attenborough: Wildlife Specials - More animals by David Attenborough. I believe there are six or so. This one is also on Netflix. 

Living With Wolves - I was brought to this amazing documentary by reading a list of recommended documentaries a couple of years ago. 

Brain Games - Have you seen this series? It's on Netflix. It is fascinating!

Anne of Green Gables - The gold standard in family heartwarming dramas. All kindred spirits should watch. 

Pride and Prejudice - I've linked to the original. This is a beautifully done version of Jane Austen's classic. The newer version is lovely, but this version is long enough to keep all great parts of the novel. 

When Calls the Heart - This series on Netflix is based on the Janette Oke book of the same name. It's clean, heartwarming and did I mention it's clean? 

 Tim Hawkins: Full Range of Motion - When you just need to laugh this is the guy you need to listen to. Some of our favorite family nights have been spent with Tim.

Jeeves and Wooster - When Josiah was a very little guy we lived down the street from one of my favorite people in the world. She also happened to direct the Children's Theatre I was involved in. She had homeschooled her daughter through High School and survived breast cancer. One day she invited me down for tea. She also wanted to introduce me to just a few favorite of her favorite characters. This series (based on the books) features a young Hugh Laurie. It. Is. A. Hoot. We laughed until we cried. Laughter does do good like a medicine! 

Fiddler on the Roof - I can't list my favorites without at least posting a musical. I chose this one to share with you because not only does it feature some fabulous and inspired music, but tells a beautiful story. I could probably recite the whole script for you (especially the music).

There you have it! I hope I have given you one or two suggestions that you can implement into your school day or family fun nights.

Tomorrow (Day 4) I want to give you my favorite tips and resource links for lapbooking, notebooking and other printables!

This post is part of the Back To School Blog Hop from my friends at  the Schoolhouse Review Crew and Homeschool Blogging Connection. Be sure to check my landing page out for their links...I know you will blessed! 

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  1. Hey! I'm still an addict. We have watched "Jeeves & Wooster" so many times we can speak the dialog before they do and we dish out so many Woosterisms that nobody knows what we're talking about. I would highly recommend watching these first (you want the series with Hugh Laurie & Stephen Fry) and then reading every book by P. G. Wodehouse you can get your hands on. Sometimes I've laughed so hard reading those I nearly shook hubby out of the bed! Many are free books on Kindle and not all feature Jeeves, but he is my favorite writer. When I can write like Wodehouse, I will have arrived! The only ones I don't care for are a few that are all about Cricket or Rugby. Not only am I not sportsy, but they have a lingo all their own that I do not understand. I read that Wodehouse's favorite author was W.W. Jacobs, and now I am working my way through his collected works.


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