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A TOS Review: Another Koru Naturals Review!

It’s not often I get a box of goodies in mail to review that are ALL for me!

It has happened TWICE this year! And both times the box of goodies came from the same place. Earlier in the year I was blessed to be able to review a couple of products from Koru Naturals. This time around my little box had 3 delightful treasures inside. I received Skin Clear Cream, Manuka Honey Propolis Soap and Emu Oil and Blue Tansy Oil Cream.

Koru Naturals is really a neat company. Their products are completely natural and promote a healing and healthy living. 

Earlier this year one of the products I got to review was their Emu Oil. I can tell you I have been dipping into the bottle like the widow woman with the oil found in 2 Kings 2:4. There always seems to be enough…And I can guarantee that I have been using it for everything. “Here. I see you have a patch of dry skin. Let me rub some Emu Oil on it.”

So you can see I am a fan. Just be prepared for this particular review to be filled with enthusiastic praise.

When my new box arrived it was like Christmas.  I immediately opened everything up and applied the “sniff” test. My “sniff” test is very important. Upon “sniffage” warm, fuzzy and pleasant feelings must suddenly overtake me.

You will be pleased to know that each product passed my “sniff” test in their own way.

I want to talk about each one.

The Skin Clear Cream contains Manuka Honey and Manuka Oil. The company has created this new and improved product by adding the following ingredients: Kawakawa, Harakeke, Burdock Root, Thyme and Canadian Aspen Bark.  Don’t reach for your natural remedies book. I looked all of these products up….just to be sure. Kawakawa is a tree.  It is used as a traditional medicinal plant and is a natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.

Harakeke is a plant unique to New Zealand. It really has been a workhorse. For medicinal purposes it was applied to boils and wounds and used for toothaches (among other things).

You can read more about the properties all the ingredients on the web site, but the Skin Clear Cream is intended for acne-prone skin. We are assured that folks with normal skin can use this product as well.

I don’t have acne prone skin, but I do have rosacea. My struggle is that I have difficulty finding a quality moisturizer that doesn’t aggravate my skin.  My experience with the Skin Clear Cream is that it did just that. It didn’t improve my rosacea, but it did keep my skin nice and smooth. It didn’t irritate my rosacea in the least.

I do have a teenage son that has been experiencing some breakouts. My next move is to swab some Skin Clear Cream on his face every day.

You do need to know that this product is very loose and almost soupy. It didn’t bother me, but I almost lost some of it when I first opened it. It does come with a handy applicator (shown above).

My next little treasure is Manuka Honey Propolis Soap.

This soap has been taken straight from my bathtub. You can see it's been well loved. 

Oh. My. Goodness.

It smells blissful.  And then there are the wonderful properties of both the Manuka Honey and Propolis (You have my permission to grab your natural remedies book).

I have just a few skin issues. I am really sensitive to some products. As frugal as I am, I am not one to grab whatever soap or body wash is on sale to take home. I have had some awful experiences.

This soap is heaven in a bar. It has a gentle smell (did I mention blissful?). It lathers nicely and I feel like I am really clean after I use it. Most importantly, it doesn’t stick to the ledge on my bathtub.

Anybody else hate that? I won’t mention any other products, but I have had a few that I had to pry off my bathtub ledge with a butter knife.

Obviously, this soap is superior. And it leaves my skin soft.

I’ve saved my favorite product for last.

The Emu Oil and Blue Tansy Oil Cream was created JUST FOR ME.

At least that is what I’m telling myself.

Faithful readers of my blog will know that I have had multiple orthopedic issues that resulted from a car wreck years ago. I am not going to go into a lot of deal here, but injuries I suffered were lifelong.
I hurt all the time.

I am not complaining. It’s just the way it is. Most of the time I manage the pain quite well.  I made a decision a long time ago not to rely on narcotics. I won’t get into all that, but I do recognize that are many who have to do just that.  I am also blessed that I have been able to stay active.

However, despite my own efforts, various therapies and an occasional visit to the chiropractor there are just those days the ache is nasty and won’t be challenged.

And along comes Emu Oil and Blue Tansy Oil Cream.

Now for my friends that deal with chronic orthopedic pain. You have to know that this cream is intended for minor pain. It is a natural topical cream. I don’t want to lead you on with promises of unicorns and rainbows. It won’t cure your issue.

However, I have found it to be an essential tool in my pain management plan.

Here is an example. Just a few days ago, I must have slept on my neck wrong. I have also been dealing with a pernicious cold. It was miserable. I couldn’t even turn my head without having to turn my body.

I got up from my sickbed and went and took a bath (with my Manuka Honey soap). After the bath, I rubbed the cream into my neck and shoulders and laid down. What would normally take days to resolve was gone within a few hours. I was able to rest without that throbbing pain. I have to tell you that it didn’t hurt that the smell is so soothing.

I felt like I had just experienced my own private little spa.

I try not to comment about the price of any product I review, but I can’t help but point out that all of these products are reasonable. You won’t have to hire out a kid to purchase a little at a time.

Though if you want to hire mine for an afternoon of industry and healthy activity (like mowing the lawn) he’s available.

I do need to note that the Skin Clear Cream and the Emu Oil and Blue Tansy Oil Cream contain essential oils that are not recommended to use if you are pregnant.  Be sure to do your research before purchasing.


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Koru Naturals Review

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