Friday, November 13, 2015

Be Someone's Blessing: 17 Weeks of Learning to Live a Beautiful Life

It is Week 10 of my Learning to Live a Beautiful Life. 

I hope you are enjoying the glorious fall season and giving Thanks every step of the way. We have had really nice weather.

I want to talk to you today about stretching out beyond yourself.

I think we can become so absorbed with the comings and goings of our own lives that we forget about those who might need a blessing.

We also think that we have to be wealthy to give...which is such a big misconception.

The Art of Giving (I'm sure there is a book by that title somewhere) is not about doling out the is about giving what is in your hands.

If you have the cash to dole out, by all means find someone to bless.

But don't deny yourself the joy of a generous heart because you have to watch your pennies.

This week I challenge you to find someone (or someones) to bless.

First, think of a few people around you who might need extra encouragement.

I will tell you that there are a few friends in my life who have been absolute God sends. There have been times that they come through for me in ways that reached down into the worn out places in my spirit and brought me such hope!

I think there are those who have the gift of giving and encouragement. But all of us can do just a little something to brighten someone else's day.

Here are a list of no cost or inexpensive things you can do to be a blessing.

1. Send a card. We've gotten out of the habit. I love getting mail other than a bill. Don't you? Another idea is to write out a card of encouragement or "thank you" and hand deliver it.

2. Prepare a baked goodie. When I go to someone's house for the first time I usually like to bring a basket of muffins. They are easy to prepare and I can use the ingredients I have in my house.

3. Give something green. A bunch of wildflowers tied with a ribbon. How sweet is that? I personally don't have wildflowers blooming near my house, but I have taken an herb plant to a friend.

4. Do you know a shut-in or a young mother? Offer to do some housework or baby watching. I have been the recipient of both of these blessings.

5. Wrap a small candle in cellophane and make a tag..."You brighten my day."

6. Prepare a pot of soup for a sick friend.

7. Straightening up your pantry? Take some of your excess to a family in need. If you have the money buy the ingredients for a full meal.

8. Words of encouragement. We all know someone who could use a good word. Don't be stingy with your smile.

Here are a few words of advice.

Get your kids involved. They can make cards or draw pictures as a Thank You or to provide encouragement someone in need. One Christmas we had a sweet bunch of kids go through their toys to pick out a couple of extra special ones for Josiah. Some of them even made their own creations.

If you are the "giver" never make the "receiver" feel like you are doing them a favor. The Muffin and I have been on the receiving end so many times. We feel so blessed that others have thought about us. There is also some shame involved. It is hard to be a "taker."

If you do bless someone do so with a merry heart. Nobody likes to feel like an obligation.

You can find more of my 17 Weeks of Learning to live a Beautiful Life by clicking on the banner below.


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