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CrossWired Science (A Homeschool Review Crew Post)

We recently had a chance to review a fun new online subscription science. CrossWired Science provides online science learning in a fun and engaging way with Sound, and Fluid Dynamics.

CrossWired Science is a self-paced science program with a Christian worldview. It is divided into two levels: First Timers and Second Timers. The bulk of the teaching is done by engaging videos that is followed by online tests. There are also a variety of resources and activities that allow students to "Dig Deeper." In addition, there are Bible studies, reading recommendations, fun field trip ideas, and experiments.

CrossWired Science is in the process of growing and creating, so we got to see the progression of the program…which is really exciting.  The core lessons are intended for ages 4-18, but CrossWired strongly encourages families to learn science together.

So let’s talk about the Sound unit and the Fluid Dynamics section separately.

Fluid Dynamics has 8 core videos presently:

FD and Bernouli
Wrights and Foils
Carb Venturis
Planes & Whiskers & alulas
Hummers & Dolphins
Boxfish & Penguins
Nose aerodynamics
Dogs, Slobs & Cats.

The Sound unit has 8 core videos, as well. They include:

Audible Vibes
Sonar and Infrasounds
Bats and Moon Explosions
Elephants and Lanternfish
Dolphins Fat Football
an Ear-ie Journey
Bird Songs Wow
Cochleas and Whale Belting.

Before I move on, I need to tell you that the CrossWired Science site is BEAUTIFUL. They have really done a great job and you can tell how excited the creators are about science. Their love for all things “sciencey” and for God is contagious.

I had a good time poking around. Let me show you.

Each lesson starts with a core video. We are going to look at the First Timers round…cause that’s what we are. Get ready for a lot of screenshots!

I’m excited to share!

This what we see when we click on the Fluid Dynamics unit. You can see by the little green checkmark (or lack of them) on the right-hand side of the screen that only one lesson has been completed. The screen scrolls down to reveal quite a few little boxes, but we are going to turn our attention to a second little box. It is Lesson 2, Wrights and Foils. If you have guessed that this particular lesson is going to talk about the Wright brothers, you might be right. 

When you click on that little box you will see a directions tab on the right-hand side. This little tab just gives you a little bit of information and directions on using the lessons. At this time, I believe that these directions are pretty general for each lesson.

The Core video is just over 5 minutes long. It's engaging and pretty cute.

Immediately following the video is a quiz. The quiz grades itself instantly and also shows the taker what questions he or she missed if any. I believe the Second Timer route has content that is more difficult.

 Lesson 2 doesn't have a worksheet at this time, so I downloaded Worksheet #3 from Lesson 3 to show you what the worksheets generally look like.

All the extras with this Unit are super duper! This is the Experiment section. Not all of the experiments are completed yet (as far as I know), but you can see the potential.

 The tabs open up to a PDF. The page outlines all of the directions, etc. you will need to complete the experiment.

The Research box takes you here. If you scroll down you will see all manner of good stuff and research topics idea.

This little section of "Extras" is fantabulous and there are even more than featured here. Under each tab is listed a plethora of resource lists and more. 

I also had to share the recommended reading box. There are even reading schedules to download.

 And extra videos to watch from outside sources!

 And here is a little shot of the Teen devotional from this Unit.

 I didn't even share all that is offered. And while the site is not perfect or complete yet, you can see the potential for something wonderful. That being said, CrossWired Science is pretty great as is...I'm excited to see the progress. 

Right now, I am unsure if CrossWired Science could be used as a complete science curriculum. I think it is completely up to how a family uses it. It is completely flexible. There is a suggested schedule on the website (under the General Info tab) that recommends how many days to complete each activity. 

There is also a sample unit available for you to check out on the site. Be sure to check it out. 

I also need to mention the excellent Sound unit. We have looked through several lessons and it all looks like a lot of fun and so very interesting. Bats and Moon Explosions is especially fun. 

CrossWired is also working on more Core units. I look forward to seeing what they come up with. As I said, their excitement is contagious! 

Don't forget to check out more reviews by clicking on the banner below. 

Sound, and Fluid Dynamics {CrossWired Science Reviews}
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