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Transcripts Made Easy (A Homeschool Review Crew Post)

So the opening lines of the preface of the book, Transcripts Made Easy, go like this.

“Dear Friends, So it’s time to think about High School!

Noooo!  Didn’t I just graduate High School, myself?

Okay…so that might have been a bunch few years ago. AND my son is ending his High School career next year sometime. Can I fill you in a little horrifying truth?

I am not prepared.

That being said, when I had the chance to review Transcripts Made Easy: The Homeschooler’s Guide to High School Paperwork from Everyday Education I was all in.

Transcripts Made Easy was written by the very wise, Janice Campbell. She is all the Homeschool Things I want to be. And believe me…that is a thing. She not only has successfully graduated four homeschool boys but she has written several excellent resources for homeschoolers and runs the Everyday Education website.

What I Received

I received an e-book copy of the fourth edition of Transcripts Made Easy. The book also comes in a print edition. 

The book itself is divided into six parts. Here is a little bit of what is included in each.

Meet the Transcript: Part 1

You probably know what a transcript is…or at least in theory. It is basically an educational resume. But how does one go about creating a transcript from scratch when you are a homeschooler? And how respective are potential colleges or employers to homeschool transcripts?  In this part, we are encouraged to start where we are and what we need to do right now.

Plan With the End in Mind: Part 2
This section talks all about making most out of those high school years and beyond. I really could have used this before we began. There is a little bit of everything for every flavor of homeschool. Study habits and scheduling options. Standard tests and how to get the most of that first year in college.

I REALLY appreciated the section on alternatives to college degrees. We aren’t quite sure what is in Josiah’s immediate future after High School. There are a great list of resources for us to peruse. 

This section also talks about how to prepare your student for college in a practical way behind grades. 

Keep Simple Records: Part 3

Thank you! I needed to see this for myself. I tend to go overboard or not at all. If you need someone to hold your hand, this section will help you organize yourself.

I have to tell you that this was my favorite section of the book. It shows us how to name those classes. In particular, how to name those classes you aren’t quite sure what to call. I know I have a few of those.

Another terrific part of this section is how to homeschool struggling learners to the end. What do you need to do about test accommodations? Should you disclose on a transcript? What kind of plan will you need going on into college if that is what your child desires to do?

Grades, Credit, and the GPA: Part 4

Do you struggle with how to assign a grade? Or how to grade? How do we calculate a GPA? This section helps us work through it all.

There is advice even for unschoolers! And it is not to stop “unschooling.” It gives you excellent tips on how to plug all of those wonderful experiences into credits.

Create the Transcript: Part 5

Here is the magic, my friends. This walks you through the nuts and bolts of the creation of the transcript, itself. She gives you examples and a couple of blank reproducible forms. There is even a step-by-step walk through on creating a diploma…even down to the kind of font you should use.

References, Resources, and Reproducibles: Part 6

These are all of those reproducibles you ever need in your life. I immediately printed them out and start working on the subject worksheets. I even used the Reading Log to record what we have read this year.

The Subject Worksheet below is for math. There is one just like it for every subject.

My Thoughts

Occasionally, one of those homeschool FB groups I belong to will absolutely blow up. And it is usually some momma in a panic about their High School student getting into college with a homemade transcript.

I usually have to click off the conversation because they ALL make me nervous.  It’s not that I’m afraid that the Transcript Police will show up at my house tomorrow (though some of those poor mommas seem happy to be part of that squad). It’s just that some folks seem so emphatic that the rest of us are doing it all wrong.

If you are of the number that needs some hand-holding (of which I am) and some reassurances (of which I am) and some excellent advice that calms your fear of the Transcript Police…this book is one you need.  It just has some plain good advice…practical advice that you can use immediately. I am so glad I got to add this book to my resources.

You need Transcripts Made Easy in your life! 

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Transcripts Made Easy: The Homeschooler's Guide to High-School Paperwork {Everyday Education Reviews}
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