Tuesday, September 8, 2020

I'm getting old....

I've been doing some thinking lately. 

Dangerous occupation, I know. 

Mostly, I've been trying to avoid the news and all of the crazy that goes with it. 

My superpower is avoidance. 

Some of ya'll need to schedule in naps during your day. I am serious. 

So instead of news, I've been watching some lifestyle vlogs. 

I am always fascinated by those Ultimate Disaster Clean with Me videos. Those Ultimate Disasters never look like my Ultimate Disasters. Where are the mountains of laundry? The empty bags of Cheese Puffs littering the coffee table? 

I'd show you Ultimate Disaster Clean with Me, but I am NEVER going to film myself cleaning my house. 

For one, I'd feel obligated to wear real pants. 

Another thing I don't understand. 

What is it with Dry Shampoo? 

To me that sounds icky. Why don't you girls just wash your hair when you jump in the shower? 

I realize you don't feel like you have to fix your hair up every time you wash it. 

This is why we have messy buns, pony tails, and head bands. 

My generation spent hours every day teasing the hooey out of our bangs every morning. We found liberation when we didn't have to worry about perming our hair every 3 months. 

Wash that hair. 

Another thing I don't understand is Facetime. 

Why do you want to talk to someone on the phone and look at them at the same time? 

Isn't the whole point of a phone conversation is that you can literally be on your couch in your nighty and some fuzzy socks and no one knows?

Those folks I'm talking to can imagine me all put together...they don't have to no any better. 

As far as they know, I am wearing real pants. 

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