Wednesday, January 27, 2021


 Today the Parsonage is getting plugged in. At least, MORE plugged in. 

An electrician is here installing and repairing electrical outlets. The Parsonage is old. I'm not sure how old, but let's just say that the master bedroom has ONE electrical outlet. 


We have cords running everywhere. Which, of course, is not safe. 

I'm perched here on the couch trying to look purposeful and occupied. I even heated up some leftover stir fry for breakfast so I wouldn't dirty up my very clean kitchen. 

What's more is that the power company has loads of worker bees in the church parking lot. They have been installing power poles all over town and have basically used the parking lot as home base. Our front window has provided quite the view. 

Princess the Cat is beside herself today. All the activity has put her on high alert. She keeps looking at me as though I am supposed to keep all of this chaos in line. She is a Siamese. They have high expectations. 

Speaking of expectations. I think sometimes we set ours too high. We have an idea in our mind about how things should work. 

People need to act a certain way. 

A circumstance should happen this way. 

Life just plain needs to look a certain way. 

I am not for a minute about to suggest you shouldn't hold the people in your life to some sort of standard. Abuse is never okay. And plain courtesy and consideration is necessary for healthy relationships. 

It's just that sometimes life drops little "surprises" on us. Or we have unrealistic views of what should be. 

I would say that marriage is probably the hardest on our expectations. We expect the fairy tale. The magic. Life is not so magical when the bills aren't paid, a spouse is sick, and the looks of love become more looks of exasperation. 

My husband never acts like I think he should. He wants to talk when I want to stay silent. He wants a night out when I would just as soon have a night in. Sometimes he doesn't say the right thing. Or notice when I need help. I think he should be able to read my mind and I'm offended when he doesn't. 

Our first year of marriage was rough. A family tragedy occurred roughly around the same time as our wedding. And though I felt like I handled it fairly well, I still was traumatized to the point that I stuffed a whole lot of feelings down. 

I was weighed down with indecision and insecurity. 

Plus, The Studly Muffin was a whole lot different than me. My laid-back tendencies annoyed and frustrated him. I couldn't figure out why he couldn't just let me be. He just needed to chill out. 

My friends. Little did I know that I would need his intensity and energy in my life. I would need his never failing loyalty. He would need my calmness and positivity. 

What a mess we make of things...just by living vicariously through expectation. We don't appreciate the beauty and blessings right in front of us. We are too busy trying to mold life into our own vision of happiness. 

By the way, the electrician just popped in and apologized in advance for the crazy noises he is about to create. Princess the cat has disappeared into Josiah's bedroom to hide.  She has decided that all this activity is too much for her today. 

I don't blame her. I'm thinking a second cup of coffee might be in order. 

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