Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Lessons From 2013

I've learned a few things in my 'somethingsomething' years on the earth. One of the most important is to try and glean something from even the most dismal or trying failures and events. You know the old saying, "If at first you don't succeed"....Well. The least you can do is have fun in the trying.

Some days….when I am needing a little affirmation…I look back at some of my favorite blogs. After all, it does a girl good to know that her ramblings have been appreciated by a few folks. And yes. I am absolutely being modest. If you must know Blogger keeps track of all the page view each of my posts get. Let’s just say that a few have been more popular than others. Let’s also say that I have to squint just a little when glancing at the page views of some of them. They are more than a little dismal.  Could it be that some of my ramblings are less than coherent? 

So in the spirit of reflection I want to share a few of my less popular posts. I invite you to give them another chance. If you dare. Or if you have time, which is really the point…isn’t it? 

The first post is about a conversation Josiah and I had…about a conversation he had with a friend in the hot tub. With me so far?  I can’t imagine why more people didn’t click on this one to read it. I’m sure Josiah’s grandparents thought it highly entertaining. This one is called Hot Tub Conversations. 

Now the next one is really a forgotten little gem. I consider it some of my best advice. Ever. It’s about how to reach a goal by taking Baby Steps. Who couldn’t use that kind of advice? I need to go back and read it again! (it’s just that good)

So maybe this blog post provides you with a little TMI. Nevertheless. It’s filled with valuable advice.I entitled it Necessities.

When I am too busy or stressed to form coherent sentences, I often write posts I refer to as “Random Thoughts.” These sometimes are my most popular posts. I suspect that most of you read them because you like to assure yourself that you are indeed not as crazy as me. You are probably right. This Random Thoughts, entitled “Just Counting Sheep,” didn’t get as much attention. Perhaps because you aren’t interested in my sleepless prattle.

So enough of the bad news. I suppose I just need to remember that my readers enjoy more informative and inspirational material. It won’t change my writing habits much (I am too much of a fruitcake for that). Here are a list of some of my more favored posts, month by month. 


February – Raising a Bookworm




May – Menu Math








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Looking Back at 2013

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