Here you will find some of my Homeschool Posts. Keep in mind that I am horrible at updating my pages. I probably have tons more!

 Birds of a Feather: A Winter Nature Study

Cooking School

The Case of the Missing Textbook

Game On! 

Raising A Bookworm

Josiah's Favorite Reads  

Artsy Stuff

Art Lesson: Some More Printmaking

Photo Assignment: 10 Things

Art Lesson: Printmaking

Getting Crafty: How to Make an Altered Bag Book 

Looking Back: Lessons For Life - Homeschool Style

Old School (and some new): The Three Snowbears Lapbook & Farm Notebook

4th of July Lapbook

Camping Lapbook

Pumpkin Lapbook

Monkey See Monkey Do Lapbook

The Only: My Thoughts on Homeschooling on an Only Child

Jumpstart Your Homeschool Batteries: Menu Planning

Jumpstart Your Homeschool Batteries: Homeschooling in a Tight Space

Jumpstart Your Homeschool Batteries: What's in Your Toolbox?

Jumpstart Your Homeschool Batteries: 5 Tips for Planning

Jumpstart Your Homeschool Batteries; How to Have a Million Dollar curriculum without Robbing the Bank.

Homeschooling in the Summer: A Year Round Homeschool

So You Wanna Be Superwoman

Old Dog ~ New Trick

How to Succeed in Creativity Without Even Trying

Weebles Wabble, But They Don't Fall Down

If You Build It ~ They Will Come

The Wiggles (Do you have one?)

We'll Make a Man Out of You (Raising a Godly Son)

Thrift Store Homeschooling

Random Thoughts; The Homeschool Convention Edition

Hands On Learning = Creative Kid

Homeschooling Through the Hard Times

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